5 Type Of Stylish Womans Jacket To Warm Your Body In Winter

Cold air not only happens in a country with four seasons, sometimes extreme weather also hit a country that only experienced two seasons. To adapt to extreme weather may be a little difficult for ordinary people with just two seasons, therefore following tips some models of jackets are warm but still fashionable

Bomber Jacket

Had become the most popular fashion item in Indonesia throughout the year 2016 because it was worn by the president of Indonesia, bomber jacket can now be relied back to reduce the cold weather around.

Bomber jacket / copyright unsplash.com
Parachute jacket that not only serves as a warmer body from the temperature of the AC in the office and natural cold temperatures around. As it was viral then, bomber can also be a cool jacket of women who want to look charismatic and tough like an airplane pilot.

Jeans Jacket

Often drive two wheels but have a body that is sensitive when exposed to cold air? If yes, of course you will not be strong ojol (motorcycle taxi online) in the night without a jacket in cities where the air is semriwing like Bandung or Malang.

Jacket jeans will make your appearance more charming / copyright unsplash.com
And if you want your lungs to avoid any threat of disease, then the jeans jacket can be his savior. The thick material will block the night wind from piercing the skin to your lungs. The trendy design will also make your style more slang!

Hoodie Jacket

If there is one jacket that is able to "adapt" to different places, weather, or circumstances, then it is a hoodie jacket. This one jacket can bring the impression of sporty, calm, and casual simultaneously.

Sweet Hoodie Jacket / copyright unsplash.com
At least, there are four benefits that we can get from the hoodie jacket, namely:

Protects the head from the rain drops thanks to the existence of the hood.
Protect your head from heat stings even though it runs under the scorching sun.
Affirming privacy when people do not want to be harassed. Just cover the head with a hoodie hood and attach the headset to the ear.
Keep your hands warm thanks to the pocket that is in the middle of the hoodie jacket.

Parka jacket

The initial idea of ​​a parka jacket is to protect the soldier's body from the extreme cold conditions on the battlefield. But as time goes by, parka has its own portion in the human fashion story.

Parka jacket / copyright unsplash.com
Parka jackets are generally created from three main ingredients, namely:

Cotton Twill: Fabrics from fine fibers to accommodate comfort and softness when in contact with skin.
Canvas Cloth: Strong and solid fibrous fabrics to protect the body from wind and friction with foreign objects.
Taslan Fabrics: Fabrics made from polyester fibers to protect the body from water.
Seeing the mix of ingredients, of course parka jacket is very expert to protect body temperature from cold or moist.

Sweater Jacket

Want to keep warm when looking formal or casual? The sweater jacket was created to meet such demand. The main task of the sweater is to give warmth to the people in need. But because it is made from materials and motifs that are funny, sweater can be used as the main capital mix & amp; match formal appearance or casual class.

Sweater Jacket / copyright unsplash.com
Example of mix & amp; match sweater jacket:

Choose a knit knit sweater jacket for a more stylish formal look.
Choose a cotton sweater jacket if you want a more colorful casual look.

Hopely this is help your choice outfits for cold air ...

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