Recognize 5 Symptoms of Zinc Deficiency

The body needs various vitamins and minerals to function properly. One of the most important minerals is zinc. Although needed in small amounts, one can still have zinc deficiency. This condition will also cause various health problems. So, what are the symptoms of zinc deficiency that may occur?

What are the signs and symptoms of zinc deficiency?

1. Hair loss to bald
Launched in the Prevention page, low zinc levels will make more hair fall out. Some cases such as people who experience alopecia, or autoimmune diseases also often experience loss, now this loss occurs usually because the body has zinc deficiency.

If you see these signs in yourself, do not panic immediately. There are many more causes of hair that fall out. First check for other signs and symptoms. In cases of severe zinc deficiency, hair on the head can be left only a few strands on the scalp.

2. Many acne that appears
Some studies have found that taking medication or using topical medicines containing zinc can help remove acne. The researchers believe that zinc or zinc has anti-inflammatory properties, and can reduce the amount of oil and bacteria that trigger acne.

However, acne can actually be caused by various things, not always people who acne because of lack of zinc.

If you have done the treatment, healthy diet modification, stress control but still more and more, you should consult a doctor if the acne is related to the condition of zinc deficiency.

3. The ability of the sense of taste and smell is reduced
Sufficient zinc content in the body is required to produce an enzyme called carbonic anhydrase, which is important for recognizing taste and odor. If zinc is lacking in the body it will have an impact on the enzyme.

Therefore, people who experience zinc deficiency will have difficulty tasting food because of the decreased sensitivity to the stimuli of taste and smell. If you have this, the appetite can go down, and the food that goes into less.

Research also shows that by giving the drug contains zinc in people who have a disruption in taste tasting, will stimulate the part of the brain that serves to control food intake so more active. Thus, zinc is considered as a mineral that is very important to the response of taste and taste taste.

The risk of diminished ability to accept these tastes and smells is more common in older adults.

4. Easy to get Sick
Do not ignore the cold that does not disappear, this could be one of the symptoms of zinc deficiency. When you do not get enough zinc, the immune response function will decrease.

Because, zinc is an important mineral that activates T cells, the cells that will function to control the immune response and attack the germs is launched in the page Medical News Today. That's why if your zinc deficiency can be very susceptible to various infectious diseases and lasts long enough.

So If the signs above occur, then you should make dietary changes and consult your doctor to confirm your condition. Consider eating more foods containing zinc:

  • Red meat
  • Poultry
  • Grains
  • Oyster
  • Cereals are fortified zinc
  • Oatmeal
  • Milk

Apart from food, you can also increase the amount of zinc in the body by taking zinc supplements. Zinc is quite easy to find in a variety of multivitamin supplements or special supplements that are just dominantly containing zinc.

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