Tips Dressing for You with Large Sleeves

Having the ideal body shape is probably everyone's dream. So what if you have big arms? Large sized arms make you feel uncomfortable and lack confidence. Hmm, wearing clothes with short sleeves was uncomfortable. Then how to solve it?

Ladies, here are tips to disguise your big arm. Let's see tips from vemale below.

1. Pay attention to Arm Size

When choosing clothes, avoid choosing clothes that have a long arm that is too short and too short. The size of this arm will make the size of your arm look bigger. the size of the sleeve with loose and not too tight pieces will disguise the size of your arm.

2. Choose Clothes with Dark Colors

Yup, dark colors will disguise the size. The color of the dark clothes will disguise the size of the arm, Dark colors are your ultimate best friend forever.

3. Select Lace Material

Clothing with lace or lace material can help disguise your large arm tablets. Choose a dark lace color to give the illusion of shrinking your arms. A small looking arm is not your dream anymore.

4. Avoid Too Much Details on Arms Sleeves

Too much detail on the sleeves will actually make your arms look too heavy. Any detail makes people centered on your arm. So make sure you choose a simple arm.

5. Choose Cloth with Batwing Model

Batwing model commonly called the bat model clothes. Model his arms widened so that it can cover your big arm. Clothes with batik model that has a length of 3/4 this may also be the right option for you.

Ladies, so 5 ways to make the appearance of your arm smaller. How, interested to try it? Hopefully this information useful yes.

Article Sorce : Tips Berpakaian untuk Kamu yang Berlengan Besar @ vemale