4 Tips for Comfortable Hijab Fashion for Holidays

Have plans for a vacation in the near future but still confused about taking any clothes? For women who wear hijab, sometimes it is rather difficult to choose comfortable holiday clothing but can make it look stylish and fashionable while on vacation. Choose the style and clothes wrong, maybe instead of enjoying a vacation, you just feel uncomfortable and less comfortable while on vacation.

Here are 4 tips on choosing a hijab fashion while on vacation :

1. Bright and soft colors like pastels

When vacationing in the summer, avoid dark clothes like black because dark colors absorb heat so you will feel more hot. We recommend that you choose bright and soft colored clothes like pastel colors that reflect light.

Besides making it more comfortable, bright colors like peach, baby blue, Tosca and other pastel colors also make your face look brighter and shinier

2. Bring clothes and hijabs that are not easily tangled

Because all clothes and headscarves must be piled up in the suitcase, try to bring clothes and headscarves made of material not easily tangled.

Choose clothes and headscarves made of silk, cotton, knitting and leather. Although tangled, these four ingredients tend to be easier to tidy up without having to use an iron that you can't necessarily meet at the hotel where you are staying

3. Want to wear a skirt? Don't forget to use leggings too !

For those who like to wear skirts, you can bring some of your favorite skirts to wear while on vacation. But don't forget to also wear leggings first. The use of leggings aims to understand minor incidents that might occur when you are on vacation, for example, your skirt is blown off or you accidentally fall. If you wear leggings, at least your legs will remain closed even if your skirt is blown off by the wind.

4. Wear clothes that easily absorb sweat

When vacationing in another city or country, you will definitely go around to explore famous places in the local area. This certainly makes you more active in moving and spending a lot of sweat, especially if you are vacationing in a tropical climate. To stay comfortable, bring clothes with fine materials and can absorb sweat like cotton, silk, rayon, voile. As for pants, you can wear pants like cotton, culottes and chino pants.

That is 4 comfortable hijab fashion tips for a vacation, it's really easy right?

Enjoy with your vacation .....!!!

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