Vacation in Indonesia Part1 - 5 Hits Travel Destinations on Ternate Island

Indonesia is one of the favorite countries for many tourists who want to take a vacation. Indonesia is an archipelagic country which certainly has many hidden places that local and international tourists do not know.

Now I will discuss one of the cities in Indonesia that can be made a vacation destination that is 'Ternate Island'.

This relatively small island turned out to have many amazing tourist destinations. Hipwee Travel had a chance to explore this island which is famous for its Gamalama Mountain. There are 5 cool tourist destinations in Ternate that you should visit. Let's look at the review.

1. Sulamadaha Beach

Sulamadaha Beach is not so far from Ternate airport. Approximately 30 minutes away, you have arrived at this beautiful beach. This beach is slightly different from most beaches because of its location jutting into the land (bay). If you come there at a glance it doesn't look like a beach, but a lagoon or lake in the middle of a forest. You can also snorkel or take a boat there. This place is really cool!

2. Mount Gamalama

Ternate doesn't just have a beach, you can climb a mountain there. There is Gamalama Mountain which has an altitude of 1,715 masl. With no height, you can see the islands around Ternate from the top. This mountain last erupted in 2015.

3. Lake Laguna Ngade

Ngade Lake is actually normal when viewed from below, like other lakes. But if you look at it from above, the beauty is extraordinary. There is a viewing post, a photo spot until it swings over the hill there. If you come to Ternate, it's not complete if you don't take pictures there.

4. Fort Tolukko

Fort Tolukko was originally a Portuguese-built building that controlled almost all the spice trade in Ternate in the 16th century. This fort was named Saint Lucas. But because of the tongue of the Ternate people, this fortress was also called Tolukko (San-Tolukas).

5. Jikomalamo Beach

Located in northern Ternate, Jikomalamo Beach is a new beach. The coastline is only 100 meters indeed, but the underwater is very small. Anyway, if you are here, you must snorkel. Very beautiful coral reef on this beach.

so, are you ready to explore the beautiful Ternate Island ???