Vacation in Indonesia Part3 - 5 Hits Destinations in the Land of Laskar Pelangi, Belitung Island Indonesia

Belitung is one of Indonesia's mainstay tourism islands. Famous for its beautiful beaches and stunning natural scenery, Belitung has even become a favorite destination for foreign tourists.

Want to know what beauty is presented on the island of Belitung? below I give 5 tourist destinations that are famous for their beauty and you should definitely visit if you are on holiday to the island of Belitung !

1. Visit Kaolin Lake

The blue color of Lake Kaolin even defeats the color of the sky!

2. Andrea Hirata's Word Museum

The Andrea Hirata Word Museum is famous for its colorful beauty that has a unique uniqueness in every corner.

3. Beach Lighthouse

Seeing ships coming to Lengkuas Island from the lighthouse, is a refreshing thing!

4. Dewi Kwan Im Temple

You can visit the largest and oldest temple on the island of Belitung, Dewi Kwan Im Temple. A form of tolerance between religious communities in Belitung

5. Batu Belayar Island

Enjoy the evening breeze and see the sun sinking on Batu Belayar Island with your girlfriend or friend.

interested have vacation to Belitung ??